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We have been providing advisory support to our national and international clients for more than half a century. Our persistent striving for perfection has made us become one of the first addresses for medium-sized enterprises and beyond.

Our Services

Tax Consultancy

Tax legislation has always been complex with its myriad regulatory requirements. Our deep expertise and professional creativity allow us to support you in all domains – as your lifelong partners.

Our team of expert advisers will assist you in all tax related issues, from your income tax to complex business transactions and cross-border enquiries.

We offer comprehensive counselling. Find an extract of our services below:

  • Filing income tax for companies, business owners, freelancers and private clients
  • Digital accounting More information about digital accounting
  • Filing annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements with individual evaluations, analyses and improvement proposals
  • Counselling in decision making processes and tax planning
  • Support in audits and social insurance audits
  • Support in the enforcement of your rights towards the fiscal authorities
  • Expert opinion on fiscal enquiries

Expert Counselling: International Tax Legislation

Are you benefiting from the business opportunities brought about by globalization? Ideally, we begin advising you in the early planning stage of your activities. Consultation fees are high, but even higher are the subsequent payments regularly caused by audits, due to inaccurately planned cross-border activities.

Find an extract of our services below:

  • Structuring of investments abroad (e. g. direct marketing, business premises, foreign subsidiary)
  • Arrangement of domestic investments by foreign proprietary companies including regular reporting
    (e. g. based on US-GAAP)
  • Expert opinions on the application of Double Taxation Conventions
  • Fiscal planning and tax-saving models particularly with regard to the acquisition of an enterprise
  • Planning of international strategies for tax reduction and cash flow optimisation within the company (e. g. avoiding or reducing tax deduction at source)
  • Design and documentation of transfer pricing
  • Filing of applications with regard to pre-tax allowances
  • Counselling on excise tax handling (in particular tax exemption, refund, rebate)
  • Staff planning and deployment scheduling of human resources
  • Financial optimising of international company and asset successions
  • Counselling when moving abroad

Expert Counselling: VAT / Customs

Cross-border trade is a challenge for every company. BREXIT and its eventual role model function for other EU member states raise the spectre of tariffs and duties within today’s EU territory. Therefore, customs law becomes a matter of interest also for those enterprises doing business exclusively within the Single European Market.

We provide counselling service in:

  • Legal queries concerning VAT and customs duties
  • Organising your company’s export control
  • Application for export licences, exemption certificates, etc.
  • Support before and during VAT-, customs-, and foreign trade-related audits
  • Assistance in VAT- and duty-related legal disputes with customs authorities and law suits

Expert Counselling: Professional Sports

After the match is before the match. As a professional athlete you need to focus all your concentration on training and competitions. In close cooperation with your management, we take care of your future financial security already today, so that you can make the most of your active career.

Ideally, we begin advising you as a young sportsperson, so that we can help you to optimally realise the financial potential in contract negotiations and investment decisions.

We offer specific counselling in:

  • Assignments by your club, both at home and abroad
  • Nomination for the national team
  • Design of commercial and sponsoring agreements
  • National and international club transfers
  • Wealth management (e. g. assets, real estate)
  • Tax efficient design of matrimonial agreements

Expert Counselling: Agriculture

Meeting high quality standards represents a daily challenge for German farmers and foresters. Farms, which have flourished through hard work of several generations and have become important regional employers, must constantly adapt to ever-changing legal conditions. High investments need to be well planned.

We set your mind at ease so that you can concentrate on your essentials. For more than 50 years, we have been committed to supporting agricultural businesses and passing on our professional experience to our junior experts.

We provide expert counselling especially in the following domains: vegetable and fruit growing, viniculture, meat production, tree nursery, wind energy, biogas and photovoltaics.

We offer comprehensive counselling. Find an extract of our services below:

  • Bookkeeping for agricultural businesses including quantitative and asset accountancy
  • Annual financial statements (updated to the latest legal requirements) exploiting fiscal options
  • Financial planning
  • Farm-related bookkeeping including annual accounts
  • Payroll accounting
  • Cross-border issues, e. g. fiscal treatment of seasonal farm labourer
  • Fiscal planning concerning farm successions

Expert Counselling: Healthcare

Nowadays, in addition to your medical expertise, you are an entrepreneur in need of expert knowledge in economics and management, which you have hardly time to acquire by yourself. Tax consultancy for doctors, dentists or non-medical healthcare professionals requires experience and expertise in the fields of job legislation, medical licensure and fees regulation.

We assist you right from the start of your activity or represent your interests at any time of your practice development.

For a long time, we have been offering advisory to doctors specialised in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture and / or homoeopathy, to dermatologists, plastic surgeons, radiologists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, and of course to pharmacists.

We offer comprehensive counselling. Find an extract of our services below:

  • Planning of medical practice establishment or acquisition
  • Payroll and salary accounting, considering the fiscal peculiarities of employment in the medical sector, individualised accounting analyses for doctors
  • Billing with EBM (Uniform Valuation Standard) / GOÄ (Medical Fee Schedule) or BEMA / GOZ (Dental Fee Schedule)
  • Liquidity planning, profitability analyses, and invoice payment control
  • VAT and excise tax as a complex risk: tax efficient prevention and avoidance measures
  • Set-up of private patient payment systems (IGeL)
  • Precautionary wealth protection and risk management
  • Selling your practice (assessment of medical practices)

Expert Counselling: Art and Media

Artists don't make money? This does not hold true for our clients. However, irregular earnings require special financial planning. We assist you from the very moment when you start converting your talent into your profession.

Find an extract of our services below:

  • Counselling your business start-up, creation of a business plan
  • Global and project-related funding and financing
  • Liquiditiy planning
  • Tax optimising through efficient distribution of the tax burden
  • Bookkeeping and filing of tax returns
  • Correspondence with fiscal authorities, GEMA and GVL (performing rights societies), and Künstlersozialkasse (Artists' Social Welfare Fund)
  • Tax advisory for tours and work stays abroad
  • Tax advisory for foreign artists in Germany

We offer particular counselling for actors, designers, and advertising agencies.

Expert Counselling: Company Succession

Effective company succession starts with early planning of individual solutions. Prudent and foresighted arrangements will prevent contention within families and thereby secure jobs. Make security your choice.

Find an extract of our services below:

  • Conception and implementation of your company succession
  • Tax efficient formulation of donations, wills, testamentary contracts, and other asset transitions
  • Investment counselling
  • Execution of a will
  • Administration of estates

Family Office

BKB's Family Office was set up at the request of our clients. Due to our long-term mandate, our monitoring of asset accumulation, of company successions, and legacy management, all services should be obtainable under one roof: namely ours.

Nowadays, the services of our Family Office have been made available to external family assets as well. In close cooperation with your asset manager, we offer our expertise and organisational infrastructure to preserve your life’s work for generations to come, with due care and discretion. For many years, we have been in close contact with experienced specialists in the field of personal and property protection as well as security management in order to overcome operative and criminal risks.

Find an extract of our services below:

  • Wealth controlling (e. g. monitoring of monetary transactions, monthly, quarterly, or annual reporting on the performance of your assets, net of tax)
  • Cash management and liquidity planning, supervision of payment terms
  • Taking charge of cost sheets and expense reports, digital storage of your documents
  • Strategic and tax efficient asset planning and structuring (esp. investment consulting)
  • Support in real estate management
  • Development advisory regarding commercial and residential properties
  • Succession planning and execution of a will
  • Philanthropy as a core issue: advisory for the strategic realisation of your charity activities and ideas
  • Foundation management
  • Assistance with the selection and coordination of service providers
  • Office facilities: e. g. secretarial service, appointment management, monitoring of transactions, processing correspondence

Audit Services

Auditing means more than just complying with formalities. Our auditors are fully qualified and capable of understanding your company with its tax-related and economic issues and can therefore recognize needs for action in good time. Thus, a legal obligation becomes an efficient instrument for your corporate management. The audit will be coordinated by one of our qualified and ever-available experts. When assembling your audit team, we take particular care to guarantee personnel continuity and their practical experience in your business sector.

Any issues related to your business operations can be a matter for voluntary audits. Such unsolicited audits are a great opportunity to assure that your annual reports are exhaustive and correct, which will particularly please your creditors.

Audits are especially well-suited as a means of internal controlling, for instance with regard to your executive board or the functioning of your in-house financial monitoring. Keep in mind the possibility of contracting one of our audit accountants in order to benefit from this expertise and to be optimally prepared for important entrepreneurial decisions like transactions, loan agreements, or company successions.

Find an extract of our services below:

  • Annual audits
  • Audits of consolidated financial statements
  • Special audits with regard to German Corporate Law (AktG, GmbHG, UmwG), e. g. business creation, change of corporate finance, or legal status
  • Audits of outsourced business operations
  • Audits of internal monitoring systems
  • Audits of the effectiveness of Compliance Management Systems
  • Audits relating to packaging ordinance (VerpackV)
  • Audits relating to German Law of Real Estate Agents and Commercial Contractors (Makler- und Bauträgerverordnung, § 16 MaBV)
  • Formulating expert opinions for judicial and extra-judicial purposes
  • Providing certificates of value
  • Verification of donations
  • Credit audits and verification of financial standing
  • Fraud audits, verification of embezzlement charges
  • Forensic audits
  • Internal revisions
  • Special audits with regard to German Law on Budgetary Procedures (§ 53 Haushaltsgrundsätzegesetz (HGrG))
  • Special audits on the utilisation of state, federal, and EU funds and grants
  • Restructuring audits
  • Audits on insolvency proceedings (§ 69 InsO, Geldverkehr und -bestand im Insolvenzverfahren)
  • Audits on the procurement of financial investments (§ 24 Finanzanlagen­vermittlungsverordnung)
  • Verification of sustainability statements


Other people's mistakes often seem unbelievably dumb.

(Georg Christoph Lichtenberg)

Entrepreneurship is restricted by a myriad of civil, public, and penal law regulations. All enterprises are supposed to know and to comply with the currently applicable legal dos and don'ts. Thus, enterprises are continuously exposed to risks, which they have to counter by strategic and organisational precautionary action (i. e. compliance).

In practice, in most cases only isolated measures are taken after weak spots have already had costly implications. Offenses under commercial and tax law may cause considerable costs: Direct charges result from fines, penalties, payment of damages, expensive official restrictions, order blocks. The availability of early warning and risk management systems is of particular importance in the context of rating assessments (financing costs). In addition to direct charges, a loss of image and reputation may occur, resulting in indirect charges.

In view of the increasingly complex legal framework it is absolutely imperative to have an active risk management system in place so that you can take anticipatory measures. Often business procedures can be reorganised without much effort so that company-specific risks can be identified and monitored in time.

Find an extract of our services below:

  • Conducting compliance assessments
  • Implementation of customised compliance systems
  • Optimisation of your in-house monitoring system
  • Drafting corporate risk avoidance policies relating to criminal law
  • Corporate priming for tax fraud and customs investigations
  • Assistance with clearing registered cases

Voluntary Disclosure

You got mail from your life insurance? Automated information exchange is approaching rapidly, which increases the number of concerned persons looking for expert advice. Mail delivery of bank documents is subject to delays.

Possessing untaxed capital abroad will nowadays take you from tax haven to stormy seas. The international cooperation of tax investigation authorities in cross-border enquiries has reached a new quality level. After all, trading data has become a profitable business. Don't wait until you get disclosed.

From our long-term experience with investors abroad, we can assure you that in most cases finding your way back to tax compliance is less spectacular than many tabloid stories may suggest. In some cases, however, specific details may be difficult. Therefore, when it comes to voluntary disclosure, each and every circumstance requires precise analyses with regard to legal impediments and procedural snares. We invite you to have a look behind the scenes of this hounding. In good time, let us give you expert advice on your individual options of voluntary disclosure.

Initial counselling is free and of course you have our full discretion.

Tax Investigations & Dispute Resolutions

Based on our long-standing experience we show singular assertiveness in tax disputes. This is due to our distinctive professional competence and multidisciplinary expert knowledge with regard to fiscal procedural law and the interface between all its various domains. Attacking the revenue service “with all guns blazing” is not our way of doing things, particularly, as this rarely leads to satisfying results in the long run.

We offer assistance in avoiding risks under fiscal and penal law as well as counselling in conflict situations, striving for quick settlements. If a quick solution is not in your interest we will ensure that negotiations with the authorities will be conducted in a stress-free and businesslike atmosphere so that optimal individual solutions can be obtained.

We offer counselling in:

  • Appeal and opposition proceedings in fiscal courts
  • Factual agreements in liability and enforcement proceedings or other fiscal conflicts
  • Deadlocked negotiations, dealing with uncooperative officials
  • Voluntary disclosure
  • High risk audit findings bordering on criminal proceedings
  • Tax fraud investigations (searching, seizure)
  • Protection against fines inflicted on the company for neglect of supervisory duties

Business & Economic Counselling

Your success is mirrored in numbers. Profit from our business and economic expertise as well as from our long-standing experience for your corporate development. You can rely on your intuition but you may still be in need of qualified tools to accurately monitor your plans and their realisation. Benefit form our comprehensive counselling.

Find an extract of our services below:

  • Strategy counselling, expansion design
  • Tools for your efficient corporate management
  • Counselling on financing and financing alternatives (acquisition, leasing, loans, factoring, etc.)
  • Economic promotion and corporate development measures
  • Design of pension schemes
  • Counselling on wealth and asset accumulation and management

Business Start-Up Support

Don't leave anything to chance. Your first step needs to be a well-founded economic analysis of your business project. We are very attentive to your ideas and concerns. Based on your initial position, our experienced advisors will help you tailor and implement individual solutions and strategies. You can rest assured that you and your business will be in safe hands, right from the start.

We offer the following counselling services to make your business start-up a success:

  • Design of a dynamic business plan
  • Plausibility check of your existing business plan, analysis of critical points
  • Financial counselling
  • Liquidity planning
  • Tax efficient choice of legal form, considering your options for further development
  • Bookkeeping, annual accounts
  • Filing relevant tax returns
  • Continuous or ad-hoc tax consultancy during the start-up period

Restructuring / Insolvency

Is your enterprise undergoing economically difficult times? In this case, reacting immediately and promptly is of existential importance. We offer to scrutinize all realistic options for restructuring. Our long-standing contacts with solicitors and barristers focusing on business law, with corporate consultants and banks enable us to assess your economic situation.

Find an extract of our services below:

  • Ascertaining failure to pay, over-indebtedness, or illiquidity as reasons for filing a statutory declaration of insolvency
  • Compilation of over-indebtedness status reports deduced from corresponding balance-sheets
  • Financial statements per key date
  • Financing schemes as per period end
  • Continuity forecast under bankruptcy law
  • Expert opinions on corporate restructuring and continuity forecasts with integrated P&L, budgetary, and liquidity planning
  • Payroll and financial accounting during insolvency proceedings
  • Handling tax payments during insolvency proceedings, monitoring audits conducted by fiscal authorities and social insurance agencies
  • VAT calculation in the context of forced sales of pledged goods effected by insolvency administrators or banks
  • VAT rectifications and input tax adjustments
  • Appointment of provisional boards of creditors
  • Support for banks in formulating insolvency plans
  • Assistance with recruitment and staffing for managerial functions and support in restructuring corporate administrative processes
  • Formulating insolvency plans including the corresponding attachments and integrated budgetary, P&L, and liquidity planning
  • Counselling with regard to the acquisition and sale of companies in the context of insolvencies
  • Continuity controlling, liquidity monitoring, profitability analyses
  • Internal and external financial accounting (e. g. register of tangible assets, list of creditors, asset and liability statement, preparation of opening and closing balance-sheets, and annual financial reports taking into account insolvency law specifics)
  • External cash audits
  • Inventories of insolvency assets

Inhouse-Seminars, Training Workshops & Presentations

Our offer is intended for companies, organisations, counsellors, and banks. We would be happy to provide you with an individual offer.

Counselling for Counsellors

Is it by knowing your limits in professional matters that you distinguish yourself as a responsible and committed colleague? In that case, our extensive expertise is at your disposal – as discreet background support or in open cooperation, either on an ad-hoc basis or as an accompanying mandate.

Your negotiations with the fiscal authorities have reached a deadlock and you are still looking for a different approach to solve the problem in the interest of your client? Take us on board: we nearly always come up with new ideas.

Your colleagues have regularly enquired about these topics:

  • Special domains of fiscal law (particularly expert assessments)
  • Compliance
  • Penal proceedings for tax offences
  • Training of your staff to avoid complicity in penal proceedings for tax offences and to develop an adequate code of conduct towards tax fraud and customs investigators
  • Insolvency of your client, recapitalisation and reorganisation measures



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